Rest Easy

cat resting on a person

Indeed, God is beyond our understanding, and yet He knows everything and everyone in the universe! He knows you, and He knows me, and He knows what we need and what our heart desires. Read more

Reserved Seating

Stadium seats

New Christians don’t start off standing. Paul writes of that at the end of Ephesians. New believers don’t start off walking. Paul urges all of us in Ephesians, chapter four, to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which we have been called. Read more

Craftsmen at work

Have you ever visited a leather factory? A friend of mine took me to one that his family jointly owned with another family. The factory had been in business for more than one hundred years, and it looked it! They had a massive warehouse where raw cow hides were unloaded from rail cars. From there hides were thrown into pits of lye and stirred with giant wooden paddles to get the hair off the hides before the hides went through the other gruesome manufacturing steps. The stench was nearly unbearable. Every process was labor-intensive and probably hadn’t changed since the … Read more

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