Tacitly Condemn

industrial chains

It is common for people, even Godly people, to condemn brothers or sisters in Christ if a worldly institution condemns them. Read more

You Need a Log

a small pond surrounded by trees

Immediately all of the Debbie Downers began complaining. Wow, if you’ve ever been in a leadership role of any kind, you know how “helpful” whining and complaining is to solving problems! Read more

By testing you may discern

driving in the rain

I don’t know about you, but there are times when I’m driving that I need quiet. Somehow the shouts, and laughing and commotion from my passengers become too distracting when I’m dealing with poor driving conditions. Read more

God Orchestrates

We find a contemporary example of Romans 8:28 in Paul’s letter to Philemon. In this book, we see Paul’s plea for Onesimus, a slave that ran away but volunteered his time to Paul. And, in Philemon 1:15-16 Paul is in the middle of laying out his argument for Onesimus’s defense. Read more

Do, or Die, But Never Yield

Never Yield

For Christians, it is rarely the big sin that destroys us. Instead, it’s the constant grinding on our weaknesses that brings us low. Read more

The 3.5% Rule

The 3.5% rule is non-violence

No campaigns failed once they’d achieved active and sustained participation of just 3.5% of the population. Read more

Hey mister, are you my neighbor?

Lyrics to Mr. (Fred) Rogers’s Neighborhood song:It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,A beautiful day for a neighbor,Would you be mine?Could you be mine? We live next door to an elderly widow who has re-taught us how to be a neighbor. She welcomed us to the neighborhood with her home-baked cake. And, since that time, we’ve exchanged goodies, usually initiated by her; never return an empty plate has been our motto. Just the other day, my wife called her to see if we could borrow a cupcake pan. It thrilled her! She was so happy to be called on for … Read more


yellow bellied prinium

The first thought I had when I remembered that quote was, “Why is yellow a code-word for cowardly?” This information was especially important because, as a kid, every week on “The Lone Ranger” I heard, “You no-good, yellow-bellied, horse thief!” Read more

Wasted for the Lord

Man in an empty room with chairs

One of the most challenging requests our Savior can ask of us is to wait. Waiting feels like being wasted. God has saved us, commissioned us, and gifted us. We’re supposed to be in the battle. Read more

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