Nature verses Nature

pregnant mother with young boy

Behind our English translation is something quite interesting. The Bible commonly uses the word “nature” to lead us to one of two conditions: humanity’s nature is sin, or humanity’s nature became sin. Read more

Boast in the Lord

football players tumbles on each other

God planned salvation before the creation of everything. God’s intent was to deny humanity any scrape pride in our salvation. Read more

Scars Contain a Story

It is human nature for us to craft a story for our scars. Also, as humans, we want to hear those stories. Read more

People Need the Lord

a man kneeling and praying

No matter what you’ve done you can be saved. No matter what you feel you can be saved. No matter where you are you can be saved. It doesn’t matter if people think you are saved, you can be saved. You may ask, “Gary, how do I know that God exists? My friends and I make fun of Christians. We use Jesus as a swear word. We are confident that science has disproved all ‘God-based’ religions. So why should I believe you? Why believe me? Don’t! Who am I that you should believe what I say? But there is another, … Read more

Why Are There So Many Christians? Part 1 of “Why So Many”

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Next time, in this new series, we travel back to the primitive Church, to the first years of the Bride of Christ, to see how an empire was upended and the whole world changed by God working through Christians to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more

A Trinket

A silver turtle trinket

God called Abram (Abraham) while he was still an idolator, living in the city of Ur. God called him to leave family, friends, and the familiar to go into the wilderness, to a land that God would show him. Abram took God up on His offer. Read more

Eternal Time

pocket watch

No matter how small we divvy up time, we can still divide it again. It never runs out! And, we can multiply time by days, weeks, months, and so forth, without limit. Again, it never runs out! Read more

One fish, Two fish, Good fish, Bad fish

a fishing net

The Church has a long history of “killing” its wounded. It takes divine discernment for each of us to distinguish between a weak Christian and a person that is still of this world. Read more

Dad's Fish

a picture of a salt water fish

All of God’s creation testifies of His existence, and growth is a lesson that teaches us about God’s intended process and purpose for His children. Read more

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