Sloppy Prayers

two men staring at each other

Sloppy Prayers – Sincere prayer is instigated by the Holy Spirit, mediated by the Son of God, and actuated by Father God. Read more

A Faithless Man

Do you know anyone that is currently unsaved but has a serious need? Yes? Well, it’s okay to ask God to intervene on their behalf. Read more


a Tapestry with angels

So, you get the idea; God works with remnants. Don’t become downhearted if just a remnant of your local church remains, or a remnant of your ministry remains, or a remnant of your family remains. Read more

Why Pray?

person praying with hands on a Bible

It’s rather staggering to consider. We come before the God of all creation to ask Him to intervene in situations, and if we ask within His will, He does! Read more

A Lesson From My Sears Guitar

kid playing guitar

Like the Sears guitar, fasting is something that can be difficult and uncomfortable, but those annoyances pale in comparison to what we gain from walking more closely with Jesus. Read more

The Story of the Coffee Droplets

coffee cup sitting on coffee beans

Every day Godless people make plans. Some own lots of stuff and have lots of people at their disposal. But you and I can be a few drops of coffee. Read more

My Beloved Son

elderly hands folded in prayer

When bringing the name of Jesu before our Father, I think it’s good to acknowledge that our petitions are in the name of God’s beloved Son. Read more

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