Freewill Bondage

Man in church wearing a face mask gripping a pew and praying

When we join a church, we become part of that community of believers. We not only gain the benefits, but we take on responsibilities, including being obedient to the doctrines of that church and respect and obedience to those who are over us. Read more

Losing Our Alone Time

I think their response was because they were grumpy. They resented the people “stealing” their alone time with Jesus. Read more

1,050 Commands

black dump truck

Well, I knew there were more than two commands from Jesus, so I Googled. As you can imagine, some people had 7, and some had 10, and one site had 1,050 commands! I would be in BIG trouble if I had to memorize 1,050 commandments. Read more

Carrying Someone’s Water

person carrying keg tanks

Of course, as Christians, we never should allow a negative social sentiment to impede our obedience to Jesus, our Master. Read more

Work Where God Placed You

green leaf trees under blue sky

God called every Christian, and He chose you and called you for a purpose. He has a people, a place, and a purpose for each of His children, including you, if you are His child. Read more

Destined for Greatness?

China's terra-cotta army

God has prepared a purpose for each of us. He sees who we should be, and, for Christians, He builds us up to become those people; that’s true greatness. Read more

Brave New World

a man holding an open Bible in a crowd

Perhaps we will now flood mass transit systems – and the world will take notice. Perhaps, in the new world, the Church will unwaveringly speak what we know as true even if our testimony costs us our homes, our liberty, or even our lives Read more


a Tapestry with angels

So, you get the idea; God works with remnants. Don’t become downhearted if just a remnant of your local church remains, or a remnant of your ministry remains, or a remnant of your family remains. Read more

Direction from the Lord

I do try to diligently listen to the Holy Spirit as He directs me in my prayers and in my life, but there are times I hear but I don’t “do;” that always turns out bad. Read more

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