Expressed Through Me

water baptism

A while back, I was in Droitwich, England, working with some great people. After I repeatedly asked an Englishman to repeat himself, he said, “We are divided by a common language.” Read more

Good News In Peru


Rather than write a devotional today. A life-long missionary and dear friend has posted an amazing story of salvation in Peru. If you can, please visit “A Passion for Missions”. You will be blessed! Read more

In a world of Enochs, we need some Abrahams.

picture of a traveler in a crowded street.

Even in the land of God’s promise, Abraham wouldn’t build a house; he wouldn’t build a city. Abraham wouldn’t buy any land except a small plot for Sarah’s grave. He exercised no privileges. Read more

Demonstrate Jesus to People

All three were given the same opportunities, treated the same way, and received individual Christian counseling. Still, one returned to a life of sin, one became a productive member of Romanian society, and one clung to Jesus. Read more

I know my redeemer lives

Throughout Syria, churches have stayed open and become Centers of Hope–led by men and women of deep faith. Read more

Honey, I wrote a new psalm!

Great works of God usually have simple beginnings and are rarely understood to be profound. Nevertheless, God often uses those small things to birth unexpected world movements. Read more

A note to my kids

I found this note tucked away in an old folder. I wrote it several years ago for my kids, but I don’t think I ever shared it with them. Read more

Full Assurance

Alexander had been a wild, hard-partying young man before God got hold of his life. But, now, he was saved and freshly graduated from a Bible school. Read more

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