Fresh Mercy

orange tomatoes

You get the full strength from His mercy. You get the full efficacy when you receive His mercy. You get all of everything that He created mercy for. Read more

Err on the Side of Mercy

couple talking while moving in new apartment

When, after millennia, Jesus, the Son of God in the flesh, stepped into the history of humanity, people didn’t know what to think of Him. Read more

Scars Contain a Story

It is human nature for us to craft a story for our scars. Also, as humans, we want to hear those stories. Read more

Rest Easy

cat resting on a person

Indeed, God is beyond our understanding, and yet He knows everything and everyone in the universe! He knows you, and He knows me, and He knows what we need and what our heart desires. Read more

Give me the boot!

Person on edge of cliff dangling their boots

“Don’t look down!”, the actor says with quiet assurance. Well, within my limited experience, that is what someone says to a person precariously positioned on the edge of a precipice. Read more

Watching God’s Creation Dance

Now, Cain wanders (i.e., Nod) towards the East (v.16). He finds a lovely place, and unlike all of his relatives, Cain builds a city, and he builds a family. Read more

I know my redeemer lives

Throughout Syria, churches have stayed open and become Centers of Hope–led by men and women of deep faith. Read more

Who sinned?

For this blind man, God was displayed through a miraculous, creative act. For other people, God is glorified in ways we may never know, such as Trophimus, who Paul “left sick in Miletus.” (2 Tim.4:20) Read more

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