Joy is Better

four boy playing ball on green grass

Happiness is a good characteristic for us to develop, but it is not an essential trait for Christians. So what is? For a believer in Jesus, a consistent element is joy. Christians are joyful people. Read more

Let Us Celebrate Christmas


Let us set aside all malice or compensation, and corporately humble ourselves, worshiping God and celebrating Jesus for being the pilgrim that made the only way of salvation; sinners saved by grace. Read more

Clothed in Joy

Father and son rejoicing

Our sedate life was seasoned by stories from our parents of their lives without mothers; they both grew up during the Great Depression; Dad was in WWII. Read more

Guard Your Minds and be Joyful

Meerkat on guard

As we guard our minds (Philippians 4:7), let us stay engaged in the places where God has planted us. Read more

Good to me

Without a relationship with Jesus we have little hope for answered prayer for we will have ignored God’s greatest gift to us, How sad my life would be without God’s goodness to me. Read more

Well worn paths

On the tougher trails we always looked for the well-worn paths, handholds, and footholds since, before us, these had proven their value to many that had tackled those difficult trails. Read more

Healing of the thing within us that we have not perceived as ill.

The sights and sounds of motorcycles, birds, children’s voices and family all melt together to create a song of joy that heals something within me that I had not perceived as ill. Read more

How close?

We have two cats, one that continually wants attention; no, she demands it. The other, Max, is the quiet one. He rarely meows and is quite independent. Oh, he’s also OCD. Or, as I like to say, CDO, since the letters should be in order. Anyway, Max still needs attention but in his OCD way. Every morning, when I’m at my computer, he jumps up on my desk and stretches out between my keyboard and monitor to be petted and scratched. This time seems to be very important to him — the whole time he has his motor rumbling. That … Read more

God’s Crazy About You

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 KJV) Read more

Happy International Happiness Day!

Little girl that is happy

My understanding is that external declarations (don’t worry; be happy) only affect us (okay today I’ll be happy) when we acknowledge the authority that makes the declaration… Read more

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