Well worn paths

On the tougher trails we always looked for the well-worn paths, handholds, and footholds since, before us, these had proven their value to many that had tackled those difficult trails. Read more

Got a light?

a lit matchstick

When I was a young man, I was a spelunker. There is an expansive cave structure not far from where I lived so caving was easily accessible. I had a blast. My friends and I had carbide lamps we strapped to our heads. We wore old shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. That was the extent of the sporting equipment needed back then. Now, wisely, people wear helmets, gloves, and special clothing. They use RF devices to communicate with each other and to keep track of where everyone is at. For us, we’d check the weather to make sure we wouldn’t … Read more

I know my redeemer lives

Throughout Syria, churches have stayed open and become Centers of Hope–led by men and women of deep faith. Read more


No, I never prayed, “God, give me hateful people.” I never needed to; I got them with no effort at all! The reason I am thankful for them is that Jesus had this same environment. Read more

Go ahead

When Jesus shed His blood for us, it was absolutely unique blood, blood that never had been and never would be again. Christ’s blood was Emmanuel, “God with us.” At the most intimate level possible within a person, God was with mankind. Read more

An orphan, and yet not

I have a living relationship with Jesus. We talk. He with me and I with Him and through the Holy Spirit I learn to follow the commands of Jesus, many times too slowly. Read more


To get to the root of why Jesus rode a donkey we need to read passages in Deuteronomy, Psalms, Zechariah, and Luke. The date for each passage is very approximate, but they are each separated by about 400 years which is a recurring measurement of time in the Bible. Read more

How close?

We have two cats, one that continually wants attention; no, she demands it. The other, Max, is the quiet one. He rarely meows and is quite independent. Oh, he’s also OCD. Or, as I like to say, CDO, since the letters should be in order. Anyway, Max still needs attention but in his OCD way. Every morning, when I’m at my computer, he jumps up on my desk and stretches out between my keyboard and monitor to be petted and scratched. This time seems to be very important to him — the whole time he has his motor rumbling. That … Read more

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