Small Things

Mother holding a baby

Our lives consist of small things, fleeting moments, activities that barely qualify as actions or events. Yet it is in the tapestry woven by all of these that display our character; our commitment to Jesus. Read more

How do we Love God?

A person showing a homeless man compassion

Many people like to quote the scripture, “…God is love.” not knowing the full verse in 1 John 4:8 (ESV), which reads, “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” Read more


He was predictable in his decisions and required anyone that came to him with a problem to also bring with them a recommended solution. Read more


To get to the root of why Jesus rode a donkey we need to read passages in Deuteronomy, Psalms, Zechariah, and Luke. The date for each passage is very approximate, but they are each separated by about 400 years which is a recurring measurement of time in the Bible. Read more

Sometimes it is right not to demand your rights.

On my second or third day with them, I asked if I could sit with each of them while they handled work assignments that they received from our U.S. team. As soon as I sat with the first team member, I could tell I was doing something culturally wrong. Read more

The seriousness of the allegation…

Certainly, there are people that have said and done things so egress as to justify their excommunication from society. Read more

Are you kidding?

I wanted to says, “Are you kidding!” For, there was no way this could have happened as there was a perfectly cut chunk of hair cut out right in front. Read more


My wife inherited her parent’s practice of hospitality. During the time that our family lived in Romania, I was the “missionary” doing all that missionary stuff but my wife simply opened our apartment to people. Read more

If you’re happy

I was thinking “happy” then I asked myself, “Self, do kids get tired
of being told what to do?” There are an awful lot of kids songs that
tell them what to do, think “Hokey Pokey” on roller skates. Read more

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