The Opposite of Karma

Christmas tree ornament that says "grace"

The idea of karma has somehow elbowed its way into our English vernacular. People mix up Christ’s teachings on reaping what you sow (Galatians 6:7) with karma. Read more

Rest Easy

cat resting on a person

Indeed, God is beyond our understanding, and yet He knows everything and everyone in the universe! He knows you, and He knows me, and He knows what we need and what our heart desires. Read more

Grace Not Place


A person’s worldly history is expunged when they are reborn. Each of God’s children is born the same way – by grace, through faith, as a gift of God (Ephesians 2:8-9) It matters not who someone was. What matters to God, is that person His child. Read more

Angry People

Jesus didn’t call us to be peacekeepers; instead, we are to be peacemakers. The peacemaker’s role is difficult, but a part each Christian is called to do. Read more


No, I never prayed, “God, give me hateful people.” I never needed to; I got them with no effort at all! The reason I am thankful for them is that Jesus had this same environment. Read more

Sometimes it is right not to demand your rights.

On my second or third day with them, I asked if I could sit with each of them while they handled work assignments that they received from our U.S. team. As soon as I sat with the first team member, I could tell I was doing something culturally wrong. Read more

Faith is a noun

When you’re in New York City, you can use the Holland Tunnel to drive to Manhattan. Likewise, we are saved by grace (i.e., a moving vehicle) through faith (i.e., the Holland Tunnel). Faith is the noun. Read more

Who sinned?

For this blind man, God was displayed through a miraculous, creative act. For other people, God is glorified in ways we may never know, such as Trophimus, who Paul “left sick in Miletus.” (2 Tim.4:20) Read more

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