Stuck in the In-Betweens

woman caught between side of a crevesse

We must open ourselves up to God for His healing to enter us, and for our praise to go to Him. Read more

The Spirit of the LORD Rushed

two NFL players on field surrounded with people standing

God was eager for David to reach an age where God’s mantle for the covering, protection, and revival of Israel could be placed on him, His chosen king. I think that is why the original Hebrew word is “rushed.” Read more

Work Where God Placed You

green leaf trees under blue sky

God called every Christian, and He chose you and called you for a purpose. He has a people, a place, and a purpose for each of His children, including you, if you are His child. Read more

Destined for Greatness?

China's terra-cotta army

God has prepared a purpose for each of us. He sees who we should be, and, for Christians, He builds us up to become those people; that’s true greatness. Read more

Why Pray?

person praying with hands on a Bible

It’s rather staggering to consider. We come before the God of all creation to ask Him to intervene in situations, and if we ask within His will, He does! Read more

A Lesson From My Sears Guitar

kid playing guitar

Like the Sears guitar, fasting is something that can be difficult and uncomfortable, but those annoyances pale in comparison to what we gain from walking more closely with Jesus. Read more

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