Tacitly Condemn

industrial chains

It is common for people, even Godly people, to condemn brothers or sisters in Christ if a worldly institution condemns them. Read more

Stuck in the In-Betweens

woman caught between side of a crevesse

We must open ourselves up to God for His healing to enter us, and for our praise to go to Him. Read more

God Sides with You

closet doors

Our spiritual “deflector shields” (nod to Star Trek) collapse from exhaustion, repetition, and alienation. Read more

Spit Into The Wind

There’s a pop song released in June 1972 by Jim Croce titled, “You don’t mess around with Jim.” The chorus to the music is: you don’t tug on superman’s capeyou don’t spit into the windyou don’t pull the mask of the old lone rangerand you don’t mess around with jim Spitting into the wind “You don’t mess around with Jim” is a peppy song, but I have to state my protestation after all these years. There are times in the life of a Christian when we metaphorically “spit into the wind.” Taking our stand Here’s the thing, even when confronted … Read more

Boast in the Lord

football players tumbles on each other

God planned salvation before the creation of everything. God’s intent was to deny humanity any scrape pride in our salvation. Read more

On Whose Shoulders do we Stand?

woman in brown sweater standing beside girl in red jacket

We are standing upon the shoulders of giants. And these giants of faith in Hebrews, chapter eleven, are Hebrews. Read more

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