On Whose Shoulders do we Stand?

woman in brown sweater standing beside girl in red jacket

We are standing upon the shoulders of giants. And these giants of faith in Hebrews, chapter eleven, are Hebrews. Read more

From in to out

Photo by Gabriel Alenius on Unsplash

My point is that I’ve seen Western Civilization transition from valuing the Church and Christians to hating both within my lifetime. Christianity went from being “in” to being “out” within society. Read more

The Key, Part 2 of “Why So Many”

Why would a hedonist reject their life, receive Jesus, and refuse to deny his Savior even when commanded to deny Jesus upon pain of death? Read more

The Church in Genesis

tropical garden

Eve was a real person but she was also a type or foreshadowing of the Church, the Bride of Christ. Eve was the bride of Adam and the Church is the Bride of Christ Jesus. Read more

Ornaments Aren't Just for Trees

a Christmas ornament

We each have our traditions. So, as you do your Christmas season observance this year, keep in mind that ornaments aren’t just for trees. You are an ornament. Really! Read more

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