Receive What is Given

girl giving a gift

In my 40+ years of Christian ministry, my only works that will hold up under God’s inspection are the things that I received from God and did under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Read more

Outcast or Failure

picture of a man in jail

It is marvelous that our Lord, the King of kings, gets His hands dirty. I will reach into anyone’s life that invites Him in. And Jesus will rally His followers to help that person. Read more

God loves you no less

man kneeling at a church pew

This crushing financial event in my life is why I relate so strongly to King Hezekiah’s actions when an invading force conspired to crush him and all of Judah. Read more

Say Grace

Marines giving thanks before a meal

Many years ago, we were about to have breakfast with some friends when our four-year-old son announced, “We don’t pray over breakfast!” We’ve prayed over breakfast, and all of our meals since then. Read more

Hey, You’re the Leader

African-American child wearing a t-shirt with the words future leader

Your consistent walk with Jesus, openly, so other members see Him in you lays your ministry’s foundation. Read more


Man standing on top of a mountain

Jesus set this example: “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (Luke 5:16 ESV) And the Mount of Olives seems to have been a favorite place for Jesus to “getaway.” Read more

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