Receive What is Given

girl giving a gift

In my 40+ years of Christian ministry, my only works that will hold up under God’s inspection are the things that I received from God and did under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Read more

Outcast or Failure

picture of a man in jail

It is marvelous that our Lord, the King of kings, gets His hands dirty. I will reach into anyone’s life that invites Him in. And Jesus will rally His followers to help that person. Read more

God loves you no less

man kneeling at a church pew

This crushing financial event in my life is why I relate so strongly to King Hezekiah’s actions when an invading force conspired to crush him and all of Judah. Read more

Say Grace

Marines giving thanks before a meal

Many years ago, we were about to have breakfast with some friends when our four-year-old son announced, “We don’t pray over breakfast!” We’ve prayed over breakfast, and all of our meals since then. Read more

Hey, You’re the Leader

African-American child wearing a t-shirt with the words future leader

Your consistent walk with Jesus, openly, so other members see Him in you lays your ministry’s foundation. Read more


Man standing on top of a mountain

Jesus set this example: “But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray.” (Luke 5:16 ESV) And the Mount of Olives seems to have been a favorite place for Jesus to “getaway.” Read more

Divine Appointment

Appointment Calendar

During the increasingly desperate days that led up to my new job, Jesus was with me each day. The Holy Spirit was at work, creating a Devine appointment between the company that had a job opening and me. Read more

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