Tacitly Condemn

industrial chains

It is common for people, even Godly people, to condemn brothers or sisters in Christ if a worldly institution condemns them. Read more

God’s Comfort

As Christians, I don’t think it’s possible to read the Bible and not know that God loves us, provides for us, heals us, comforts us, and has prepared an eternal home for us. Read more

Suddenly Jesus

lightning strike

In an instant, at the call of Jesus, Zacchaeus changed from a greedy person to a philanthropist. When Jesus suddenly does something, He wants us to know that what was before is over, something new now exists. Read more

Hope That Is in You

Ethiopia , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

In our old life, our hopes had no merit. Our hopes deserved nothing and were worth nothing; they were empty thoughts contrived from what we wanted. Read more

Sorry, grandson delay :-)

Grandfather and grandson going to the beach

One of my grandsons spent some time with us. His visit was exactly the pick-me-up Grandma and I needed. However, I’m behind on R-E-S stuff, mostly my newsletter. Read more

Withstanding Compromise

Portrait of a couple in love

We must not think the way worldly people want us to think. We must not act the way worldly people want us to act. Read more

Stuck in the In-Betweens

woman caught between side of a crevesse

We must open ourselves up to God for His healing to enter us, and for our praise to go to Him. Read more

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