Fresh Mercy

orange tomatoes

You get the full strength from His mercy. You get the full efficacy when you receive His mercy. You get all of everything that He created mercy for. Read more

The Joy of Correction

honey jar with honey comb

When we talk about the things of God, I am deeply aware of the richness of Jesus living in me and the chastening that comes from my Lord. Read more

Giving Thanks

Solders in chow line for Thanksgiving

No, for most of my Christian life the best that conspicuous consumption could stir up against Thanksgiving was a turkey and pumpkin pie. Read more

The Natural Person

A “natural” person is still spiritually dead. What value is there in trying to have a theological conversation with a dead person? Read more

Do You Know the Fish?

We should learn the invaluable lesson that the early Church has taught countless believers throughout the past two-thousand years. This lesson is critical for Christians today. Read more

Boast in the Lord

football players tumbles on each other

God planned salvation before the creation of everything. God’s intent was to deny humanity any scrape pride in our salvation. Read more

You Can Be Holy

brown mountains with forest

The survey said that 43% of evangelicals believe that many religions lead to God. This belief is the precise point of contention that occurred between the Roman empire and the 1st century Church. Read more

Three Farmers

country lane

When we receive Christ Jesus as our Savior, we are reborn, but our flesh is still with us. Revealing and repenting our sins to Jesus is a life-long process. Read more

On Whose Shoulders do we Stand?

woman in brown sweater standing beside girl in red jacket

We are standing upon the shoulders of giants. And these giants of faith in Hebrews, chapter eleven, are Hebrews. Read more

You and I Are in This Together

yellow Volkswagen van on road

You and I are on a journey. We started this journey at different times and probably in different places, but we now share the same path and the same destination. Read more

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