You put to death the deeds of the body

man standing on glass platform on top of building looking down on ground at daytime

The ways of the world will text us, Instagram us, and TikTok us, but we owe nothing to them. Read more

Undeniable Hope

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Do we make mistakes? Yes. Do we suffer loss from our trust in others? Yes. Is there anything, anywhere, at any time, that can separate you from the love of God? No! Read more

The Patina of the World

teal wooden window door

Perhaps you saw the meme which reads, “God, please give us precedented times.” Wow, has 2020 been unprecedented, at least in our lifetimes? Read more

The “I” of Me

five yellow Labrador retriever puppies

Have you ever written a personal letter and, when completed, looked at the entirety of your message? How many paragraphs start with “I”? Read more

1,050 Commands

black dump truck

Well, I knew there were more than two commands from Jesus, so I Googled. As you can imagine, some people had 7, and some had 10, and one site had 1,050 commands! I would be in BIG trouble if I had to memorize 1,050 commandments. Read more

It’s Time for Fall Cleaning!

fall trees beside body of water during daytime

At its core, Christianity is not a religion. Christianity is redemption, regeneration, reconciliation, relationship, and someday, resurrection. Read more

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