Building Our Brands

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Building Our Brands – I’ve seen so many Christians with great intentions begin “branding and marketing” themselves. Read more

Missing the Boat

cruise ship heading into the sunset

As our hopes are left behind as our ship carries away our purpose, our calling, our future, having its ropes cast off, and with its engines roiling the sea, it pushes out into the deep while we stand on the dock, helpless, pleading with my Lord for one more chance. Read more

From the time of Christ until now, little has changed.

homeless man with a man helping him

When it came to preparing His disciples for ministry, Jesus told them which tool was the best and most important. Read more

Eating Brussels Sprouts, Part 3 of “Why So Many”

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This is the 3rd installment of the series, “Why So Many?” In this series, we are taking some time to discover some of the characteristics of 1st century Christians that carried the Gospel of Jesus to many of the most populated countries of the 1st century world, laying the foundation for the 2.3 billion Christians in the world, today. The Old Testament Many Christians avoid most of the Old Testament. Genesis is fascinating, Psalms encouraging, Proverbs helpful, Ecclesiastes and Job are readable but confusing. All other books in the Old Testament tend to be relegated to a Scriptural smorgasbord. David … Read more

–Styling This Site —

I apologize for continuing to change the way this site looks. I’m trying to get the mobile version to work well and fast. I hope to tidy up within the next couple of days.

Change for a Change

When we obey God then He guides us and strengthens us in the renovation of our minds, that’s when true transformation takes place. Read more

Scars Contain a Story

It is human nature for us to craft a story for our scars. Also, as humans, we want to hear those stories. Read more

People Need the Lord

a man kneeling and praying

No matter what you’ve done you can be saved. No matter what you feel you can be saved. No matter where you are you can be saved. It doesn’t matter if people think you are saved, you can be saved. You may ask, “Gary, how do I know that God exists? My friends and I make fun of Christians. We use Jesus as a swear word. We are confident that science has disproved all ‘God-based’ religions. So why should I believe you? Why believe me? Don’t! Who am I that you should believe what I say? But there is another, … Read more

Not a Dichotomy

Dichotomies of faith are like arthritis in the joints of our body. They are a spiritual irritant and they will cause us to be weak when we need to be strong. Read more

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