The Key, Part 2 of “Why So Many”

Why would a hedonist reject their life, receive Jesus, and refuse to deny his Savior even when commanded to deny Jesus upon pain of death? Read more

Why Are There So Many Christians? Part 1 of “Why So Many”

a large crowd of people

Next time, in this new series, we travel back to the primitive Church, to the first years of the Bride of Christ, to see how an empire was upended and the whole world changed by God working through Christians to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more

Brave New World

a man holding an open Bible in a crowd

Perhaps we will now flood mass transit systems – and the world will take notice. Perhaps, in the new world, the Church will unwaveringly speak what we know as true even if our testimony costs us our homes, our liberty, or even our lives Read more


a Tapestry with angels

So, you get the idea; God works with remnants. Don’t become downhearted if just a remnant of your local church remains, or a remnant of your ministry remains, or a remnant of your family remains. Read more

Receive What is Given

girl giving a gift

In my 40+ years of Christian ministry, my only works that will hold up under God’s inspection are the things that I received from God and did under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Read more

How to live in isolation

So, whatever calling you have, do it! Do it as until the Lord, for your gift comes from the Lord. It’s not your responsibility to make sure others see you, read your work, or hear your speeches. Read more

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