Two Goats

a picture of two goats

As we found last time, Jesus became THE sin sacrifice, once for all time, to conquer sin in the bloodline of Adam – Jesus is called the second Adam. Read more

Full of Types and Foreshadows

picture of a bull

As we are seeing, every aspect of the Day of Atonement is full of types and foreshadows. The imperfect high priests have been replaced by Jesus, the perfect High Priest. The imperfect mediation between the people and God is now perfect because Jesus is the sole mediator between them. Read more

Our First Sighting

The word atonement is the key that unlocks the book of Leviticus so we can find Jesus, and God gives us this key at the very beginning of the book. Read more

Leviticus, The Cost of Sin

A lamb standing on a footpath

Among other things, Leviticus tells us about the cost of sin. We begin to see that within the enumeration of the various sacrifices and offerings God is spiritually leading the children of Israel as well as physically leading them. Read more

Jesus in the Exodus

man and camel headed into desert

The exodus of the Israelites and the return of Joseph’s bones to the promised land speaks to the work of Jesus. Read more

Moses was a Preview of Jesus

Nile River - Luxor - Egypt

Jesus is the Prophet that Moses declared. The whole point of this article is to demonstrate that the life and events of Moses predicted the actions and authenticity of the one true Redeemer, Jesus the Messiah. Read more

Jesus and Jacob, the Wilderness and More

Ein Gedi, Israel

Notice Jacob’s experience was a foreshadowing of Jesus. Jacob was out in the wilderness, as was Jesus. Jacob was tested, as was Jesus. Jacob prevailed, as did Jesus. Read more

Isaac and Rebekah

small camel caravan

He took a remnant of Abraham’s lineage and established His bloodline for Jesus. It wasn’t Ishmael, it wasn’t Esau, it was Isaac and then Jacob. Read more

Abraham sans Isaac and Rebekah

picture of a cross in a sunrise

So we see a horizontal component in Abraham’s name. No longer is he just vertically exalted but, by the new name God gave him, Abraham is horizontally exalted. When you put the vertical and horizontal components together, we get a cross, a foreshadowing of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Read more

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