Compassion To Jesus

young man giving money to old man on the street

From Matthew 25:40, we learn that Christ looks upon acts of kindness done to even the weakest godly people and will reward us as if we had done it for Him. Read more

You Follow Me

footsteps in snow

It makes no difference if God chooses a believer and gives them a great ministry or sends them to another country or marvelously prospers them. What matters is our obedience to our calling. Read more

You are welcome

elderly woman

I was listening to a devotional this week when I heard the speaker say, “We perceive the stranger as a danger, but God is the God of welcome. The guest is a gift.” Read more

Fear is Like a Tick

A hard-bodied tick of the family Ixodidae, the lone star tick

For us to remove fear, we must attack it with perfect love. We need help from God to get the fear (whatever kind it is) completely out of us. If we try to remove fear without God’s help, a piece of that fear will remain in us and likely cause us much harm. Read more

God Is In Control

cockpit of airplane

The pervasive pettiness that permeates our institutions is beyond the pale. Treachery and vile accusations have always been go-to tools for those that have no fear of God. Read more

The Problem With Dads

Dad hugging son

God can use us to bring the Good News of God’s beloved Son to those around us that are hurt and damaged by a dysfunctional relationship with their dads. Read more

Science is not God

However, the message of God’s desire and intent to reconcile humanity back to Himself is consistent, clear, and coherent, and cohesive from Genesis all the way through the Book of Revelation, spanning thousands of years. Read more


a man kneeling and praying

That first prayer room has now touched more than two million people in more than ten thousand prayer rooms in most denominations and more than half the nations on earth. And it continues today. Read more

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