Jesus Cares About Our Faith

man praying

By faith, we enter the unknown for Him whom we’ve not seen to do a work that is not ours by abilities we don’t possess so that the unseen God will receive glory and praise. That’s what our faith in God calls us to do. Read more

Vocational Training


The purpose of teaching is to enable people to know, to learn, a particular subject. To train people is to enable people to do, to act upon what they have learned. Read more

Pride Veiled in Politeness

This choice of whether to be in God’s presence or to follow social etiquette has dogged me my whole life. The fact is that sometimes God overrules politeness. Read more

Ask God for More

picture of a dove

We must always remember our purpose. Our purpose is to point people to Jesus. Jesus is the hope for all who are lost (Luke 19:10 ESV) and the living hope for all who are saved (1 Peter 1:3 ESV). Read more

Let Us Celebrate Christmas


Let us set aside all malice or compensation, and corporately humble ourselves, worshiping God and celebrating Jesus for being the pilgrim that made the only way of salvation; sinners saved by grace. Read more

Dad's Fish

a picture of a salt water fish

All of God’s creation testifies of His existence, and growth is a lesson that teaches us about God’s intended process and purpose for His children. Read more

Ornaments Aren't Just for Trees

a Christmas ornament

We each have our traditions. So, as you do your Christmas season observance this year, keep in mind that ornaments aren’t just for trees. You are an ornament. Really! Read more

Intense, Fervent, and Unwavering

fishing lure tied to a fishing line

Too often, we toss out a prayer when we have failed to connect our faith to it. That’s like throwing a fishing lure into a lake with no fishing line attached to it. Read more

This is the way you should go

A picture of Earth from space

Nevertheless, through Jesus, we always find peace and good news. And we should remember that, in His own time, God moves rapidly. Read more

God is Spirit

people with their hands raised

Declaring the end from the beginning – Foretelling accurately the course of future events. This is an argument to which God often appeals in proof that he is the only true God. Read more

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