Letting Go

let go of balloons

As we we grow in Jesus, let’s be selective shoppers. Let’s add to our lives only things that are pleasing to Jesus; any more or any less will make our lives unnecessarily difficult. Read more

Be Still

Be Still - Man reading the Bible in a wheat field.

Just as a metal detector makes an audible sound when it gets close to metal, the Holy Spirit alerts us when we come close to something true. Read more

A Benediction is a Blessing ;-)

Peace - open hands

Every generation has had difficulties, diseases, deaths, and destruction; ours is no different. That is why I find great comfort in God’s blessings of peace upon His own family. Read more

Theology, Part 3 – God’s Special Revelation

Theology - Picture of man and the universe

It’s as if God invested in mankind for thousands of years to prepare humanity for the impact of God’s only begotten Son. Read more

Theology, Part 2 – God’s General Revelation

Theology - Picture of man and the universe

God’s general revelation is communicated to all people and is accessible to all people. God’s purpose for general revelation is for supplying the natural needs of people and the persuasion of the souls of people to seek after the one true God. Read more

Sudden Trouble

Trouble - City bus t-bones police car

The problem with sudden problems is that they can easily knock us off the path on which God has us. Internally, we feel like our feet have been kicked out from under us. Read more

Instruction of Fools is Folly

sign says, "Think before you speak; read before you think.

Proverbs 16:22, Good sense is a fountain of life to him who has it, but the instruction of fools is folly. Read more

A Difficult Scripture

If we are called to work for a difficult, demanding, unappreciative boss, then we need to fulfill our responsibilities with joy, diligence, and dedication for through these we glorify Jesus our Savior. Read more

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