Month: July 2019

God Orchestrates

We find a contemporary example of Romans 8:28 in Paul’s letter to Philemon. In this book, we see Paul’s plea for Onesimus, a slave that ran away but volunteered his time to Paul. And, in Philemon 1:15-16 Paul is in the middle of laying out his argument for Onesimus’s defense.

T words

With the above paragraph written, I soothed my conscience a bit. Still, I was concerned. Aren’t we Christians stalwarts of trust in God? Yes, of course, we are. “So, does ‘try’ belong in a prayer?”, I muttered to myself.


Avoid Faulty Faith

I ran and jumped off the cliff. Yes, just like my parents had asked so many times, “If you see everyone else jumping off of a cliff, are you going to?” My answer was, “yes.” I am that stupid.

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