In today’s passage of Scripture, God has given us several tautological statements but I would like us to consider word “always”. Read more


No, I never prayed, “God, give me hateful people.” I never needed to; I got them with no effort at all! The reason I am thankful for them is that Jesus had this same environment. Read more

Dry as a bone

So, yes, I know dust, And, I know the dehydration that comes with it, but even baling old hay doesn’t come close to the dehydration of my soul. Empty, useless, dry and dead, are what my senses tell me. Read more

Zoom It, Henry!

The dream of almost every child in America is to have a chance to play in baseball’s World Series. In the 1993 movie, “Rookie of the Year”, the lead character, a young boy named Henry Rowengartner, gets that chance. It’s a fun movie. Read more

What’s been handed down to you?

Paul writes, “…the empty way of life handed down to you from your ancestors.” Now, many of us were raised in Jesus-centered families. Our parents, grandparents, and even further back, all served Jesus with vigor. What is the Holy Spirit saying to us? Read more

Deep, Mommy, Deep.

When she got him out he turned to her and said, “Deep, Mommy, deep!” We’ve teased him about that for decades. Read more

Embezzling from God

They are surrounded by vast knowledge, grand declarations of the one true God’s charity towards humanity and His profound, powerful teachings and prophecies, yet, none have touched their soul, none have affected their character. They starve in a garden of abundance. Read more

Go ahead

When Jesus shed His blood for us, it was absolutely unique blood, blood that never had been and never would be again. Christ’s blood was Emmanuel, “God with us.” At the most intimate level possible within a person, God was with mankind. Read more

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