Cloudy with a chance of weirdness

Now, neither my wife nor I have suffered even a smidge from these rebuffs, but I am reminded that it is both natural and healthy for Christians to suffer in this world. That may seem odd, but I see it as an enduring aspect of Christianity’s life in this world. Just look at what Jesus said. Read more

Hey mister, are you my neighbor?

Lyrics to Mr. (Fred) Rogers’s Neighborhood song:It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,A beautiful day for a neighbor,Would you be mine?Could you be mine? We live next door to an elderly widow who has re-taught us how to be a neighbor. She welcomed us to the neighborhood with her home-baked cake. And, since that time, we’ve exchanged goodies, usually initiated by her; never return an empty plate has been our motto. Just the other day, my wife called her to see if we could borrow a cupcake pan. It thrilled her! She was so happy to be called on for … Read more

Through the Lineage – Part 3 of 3


When we read the genealogies in Matthew and Luke, we see four important titles ascribed to Jesus of Nazareth. Read more

Through the Lineage – Part 2 of 3

Luke traces Christ’s genealogy from King David’s son, Nathan, whereas Matthew traces the genealogy from King Solomon. Read more

Through the Lineage – Part 1 of 3

Jewish Man

Luke maintained the continuity of Christ’s genealogy from Jesus back to God. Also, the omission of the definite article “the” for Joseph followed the mechanism Jews used to include a woman within a genealogy. Read more

Happy International Happiness Day!

Little girl that is happy

My understanding is that external declarations (don’t worry; be happy) only affect us (okay today I’ll be happy) when we acknowledge the authority that makes the declaration… Read more

Effective and Productive

Man pulling his hair as he stares at his laptop, p

Of course, what I prayed was in the will of God; that was not the problem. The problem I had was that I didn’t pay attention… Read more

Are you kidding?

I wanted to says, “Are you kidding!” For, there was no way this could have happened as there was a perfectly cut chunk of hair cut out right in front. Read more

Order from Disorder

All of these Scriptures testify to God’s intent to keep all things in a fitting and orderly way. Read more

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