Liberty to Love

It is a great loss to Western culture that deep friendships are usually considered to be romantic or at least it carries that potential. While much of the world understands the five kinds of love, Western culture, it seems, does not. Read more


Somewhere during the evening, the conversation turned to the two of them having been married sixty-two years. There’s been longsuffering during some of those times. I can’t express how deeply I love and respect them for being an example to so many people, myself included. Read more


We are the invited. Every person that has ever lived is welcome if they accept God’s invitation, put on their banqueting clothes and come. Read more

Our path is no surprise to God

Dad started on his Masters and fed the family on the meager wages of a Graduate Assistant. With Mom and Dad, both being graduates of the Depression, we made it through. Read more

Little Red Riding Hood

Because of the threat from predators, it’s common in Romanian villages to see cows meandering down the village streets, unattended by anyone, in the mornings and evenings. Read more

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