One is the number of joy!

I went to a “Three Dog Night” concert once. Yes, that was a long time ago. One of their hit songs was “One is the loneliest number.” The first verse is: One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever doTwo can be as bad as oneIt’s the loneliest number since the number one Sorry, but that just doesn’t make a lot of sense to this old man, but it was a huge hit. However, what I want us to consider for a few moments is this: One is the number of joy, not the loneliest number. Jesus said in John … Read more


My wife and I went through what I call the “Clumbsy Dance of Should I”. We were together in the same gospel group. Should I ask her on a date? The “How I met your mother” TV show postulated that in every relationship, one person is a “reacher”, and one is a “settler”. In that show, Marshall was upset to find out he was considered the “reacher”. In my case, I knew I was the “reacher.” We started dating, and during that phase, I was fearful I would do something that would disappoint her. I was fearful because I wanted to … Read more

God’s Love

Or, perhaps the story of the nun in India that was cleaning a leper when a Westerner walked by and said, “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do that!” to which the nun replied, “Me, either.” Read more


giving to a poor person

Tithing and giving are often contentious topics for Christians, even for couples within a marriage. So, I wrote this not to be contentious but just as a review of something we all have learned. Recently, my wife and I ran into a dilemma. No, it didn’t hurt. However, it caught us off guard, enough so, we needed to pray and talk it through. You see at the same time a major, unexpected expense hit us we received some money, not enough to pay the bill but enough to help. After both of us prayed, we felt that the right thing was … Read more


yellow bellied prinium

The first thought I had when I remembered that quote was, “Why is yellow a code-word for cowardly?” This information was especially important because, as a kid, every week on “The Lone Ranger” I heard, “You no-good, yellow-bellied, horse thief!” Read more


My wife inherited her parent’s practice of hospitality. During the time that our family lived in Romania, I was the “missionary” doing all that missionary stuff but my wife simply opened our apartment to people. Read more

Lime of the world

water heater

By the end of a couple of hours, the outside of that old beast looked like it had fallen off of a truck. Read more

Wasted for the Lord

Man in an empty room with chairs

One of the most challenging requests our Savior can ask of us is to wait. Waiting feels like being wasted. God has saved us, commissioned us, and gifted us. We’re supposed to be in the battle. Read more


As a courtesy to the local public library, some manager offered to fix a broken device they had. I was told to go pick it up and fix it. I brought it back, opened it up, and the other ET’s openly laughed. Read more


In Jude 1:8 it says,“…In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.” I did a quick search and there are several places in the Bible that speak against scoffing – God doesn’t like it. Read more

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