Knowing the context of any conversation or book is immensely important.  The Guardian ran an article in May 2013 with the subheading, “Sri Lanka has the hotels, the food, the climate and the charm to offer the perfect holiday… It’s just a pity about the increasingly despotic government.”  A highly edited version of this piece was immediately posted on the official Sri Lankan news portal under the heading “Sri Lanka has everything to offer for a perfect holiday.” Likewise, too often we allow ourselves to take phrases of Scripture out of context, leaving behind the parts we don’t want to hear. A great example of an … Read more


Do you get notices on your mobile phone telling you how many “screen-time” hours you’ve spent with it that day, and for the week. I do. Yikes! Read more


Am I like the kid that didn’t hear the bell for recess? Everyone else knew it was recess time except THAT kid. I guess I’m that kid. I’m sitting in my classroom, clueless, while everyone else is down in the schoolyard, playing. I knew some of this, but not all. After reading the information on the “Sacred Texts” website, I feel the need to be more reverent toward God’s Word. From the Sacred Texts website, I learned the following:…Insofar as Jewish texts reflect the revealed will of God, Jews have treated the texts themselves, like the stone tablets of the … Read more


Bible opened to the book of John

Christianity is grounded in the reliable record of eyewitnesses who testified to what they saw and heard from Jesus Christ. Read more


I have a t-shirt from one of my kids that says, “Not all those that wander are lost.” I love that t-shirt because I have always loved the adventure of travel. Read more

This is the way

As children of the Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:9 KJV) it’s our responsibility to follow where He leads, and this is a blessing from Him. Read more

Gaining Goodwill

My dad plus his five siblings were saved from possible starvation during the Great Depression because Grandpa gained the goodwill of his doctor. Read more

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